Shoe Review: New Balance RC1600


I loved this shoe the moment I saw it in the store. When I picked it up, I had to try it on. This shoe was lighter than any of my current shoes, at around 150 grams. I was not even looking for a new pair of shoes that day, but the fact that they were half price meant that I was obviously going to buy them.

As well as being lighter than my regular running shoes, they are also lower-profile. The RC1600 has a 6mm heel drop, or 4mm if you remove the inner sole. I am usually a size 8 in my running shoes, and this shoe was no exception. I found they ran true to size.

When I first got these shoes, I wore them usually on only one run per week (usually at Parkrun, 5km every Saturday) because I was scared of wearing out my pretty new shoes, they felt so light and delicate. After running in these shoes for a few months, I am pleased to say that I have found them to be particularly durable. The sole of the shoe features little rubber nodes for traction, which I thought would start to break off with continued wear, but this is yet to happen.

For the first week of wearing the shoe, I found that the lower part of the tongue tended to roll over on itself a little when I put the shoe on, but this seems to have corrected itself as I have worn the shoe in.

This shoe tapers to a narrow toe box, which I have no problem with as I have narrow feet. I have never experienced sore or squashed toes, but this could potentially be a problem for people with wider feet.

While researching this shoe (after I had already purchased it based on its looks) I read it was designed for 5km to Marathon.I am not sure if I would feel confortable lining up on the start line of a marathon in this shoe, as I don’t know it would offer me enough support as my running form starts to go downhill in the later stages of the race. However, I have been very happy with its performance up to the 10km distance (That is as far as I have pushed it so far), and might consider racing a half marathon in this shoe later in the year.

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