Solo Striding in Armidale

I’m in Armidale this week for work. This afternoon, I finished at around 4pm, and decided to head off on a solo stride before it got too dark.  There are a few cycleways that run through town, so I ran along these for a few kilometres, through the middle of town, but then they started to cut through fields that didn’t look too inviting. As I was running by myself and it wasn’t too far off dark, I thought it best to look for somewhere else to run. (Safety first!)

I ended up running up to the university, and running some of the paths around there.

Two things are for sure in Armidale:

1. There are a lot of hills

2. It could do with some bubblers

I didn’t take any water with me as it was a pretty damn chilly evening. But 12km in to my run, I still could not find a bubbler anywhere! I looked at every playground, skatepark and BBQ area I ran past, but there were no bubblers to be found. I ended up having to duck into the gym at UNE to get some hydration for the last few kilometres home. The gym had some nice treadmills set up in front of an open window overlooking the sports oval. Tomorrow night, if I finish work after dark, I might end up running there instead. I can look out at the oval and pretend I’m at interval training.

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