Running for Champagne: Wild Endurance Presentation Night

Last night, Wednesday 5th June, was the Presentation night for the Wild Endurance event, held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney. 5 out of our 6 team members travelled down for the evening. The noteable absentee was Kellie Smith (We think she just wanted to stay home and watch the State of Origin!)

Of course the presentation was held on the third floor. (Did I mention one third of our team are currently in moon boots due to stress fractures that were probably sustained during this event?) When we arrived, the organisers took one look at Cheryl and Rachael in their boots, and said, “That wasn’t us, was it?”

I have already previously blogged about our experiences on race day, so I won’t go into that again. They can be found here.

Before the formalities started, we chatted to Kolya Miller, who, anong with Tegyn Angel, was the first team across the 100km finish line, in a time of  17 hours and 31 minutes. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t get line honours, as the event is a team event, for teams of 3-7. They did, however, capture their journey with a gopro, so it was great to watch the highlight reel, and re-live race day. Kolya has also participated in Wild Endurance 5 times.

The event was held to raise money for the Wilderness Society, and together, participants raised nearly half a million dollars for the cause.  Congratulations to all involved, particularly those who recieved awards for their fund-raising efforts. The girls from ‘Africa Bound’ raised the most, contributing a total of $14301 to the cause.

Line honours in the 100km event went to team Nikomen, who finished in 20 hours 39 minutes. I recall running alongside them in the first few kilometres of the race. 3 Frenchmen and one Token Pom. What a way to see Australia. The Fast Foxes were the first female team home, in a time of 26 hours 1 minute.

The 50km event was won by the Hovelling Honey Badgers, in a time of 7 hours 18 minutes. The Koala Beers were the first female team across the line, in a time of 8 hours 9 minutes. Our team, the Night Striders, were the 2nd female team home in a time of 9 hours 18 minutes, finishing just before dark. This was a tremendous result for us, considering we had a meeting at the end of last year to discuss everyone’s expectations of the day, and our goal was simply to finish the event as a team, and have fun. To add to the challenge, one of our team members, Holly, was quite sick in the couple of weeks leading up to race day. Even on race day she was still not 100%, so it is a credit to her that she stuck with it and completed the course, in fantastic time! (Not to mention the 2x stress fractures I previously spoke about). We recieved medals and singlets for our efforts. Rachael gave a great acceptance speech, and also mentioned we had the best support crew that a team could ask for. We narrowly beat out the StilletHoes, who were the 3rd Female team home. They said the event was easy, because they did their training in stilettos.

It was a long drive back to Newcastle after the presentation finished. We listened to the State of Origin on the radio. A win for the Blues was the icing on the cake.

Congratulations to all participants. The course was a lot tougher and more technical that I had anticipated. Perhaps I should have read the race brief before the event.

A complete list of results from the event can be found here.

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