What’s Instore at Lululemon?

This weekend, I was in Sydney, so I decided to drop into the George St Lululemon store and take a look. As soon as I walked into the store I liked what I saw… Bright colours everywhere!

Lulu Colours

I love the pinks, oranges, purples, greens and blues! I was excited to see that my favourite sportsbra, the Ta Ta Tamer II, was now available in ‘Power Purple’.  (AU$69, and definetly worth it!)Lulu Ta Ta Tamer

They always sell out quickly online, you have to be quick. I nearly bought this one. The only thing that stopped me, was realizing that it might come out in pink soon. (I already have 3)

Another item that I saw instore that I loved was the Toasty Tech Tights (AU$139)Lulu Toasty Tech Tight

I love the zipper pockets on the sides. These tights are quite thick and warm… I actually think they might be too warm to run in here in Australia. The cross-hatching is so the lights co-ordinate with the quilting on the ‘What the Fluff’ Jacket. (Another item that I love, but definetly don’t need to run in a jacket like that here.)

The other item that caught my eye was the Run: Reflective jacket:

Lulu Reflective Jacket

Ok, this one’s not cheap, coming in at AU$399. But the reason this item caught my eye was its safety properties. It’s made entirely of iLUminate, that reflective silver material that reflects light back. So if being seen is your thing, this is the jacket for you. It would be a good item for wearing on nighttime runs, but again, I worry that it would be too hot to run in this jacket in Australia.

I did pick up a pair of the Run:Fast Track shorts (AU$65) that are only available online:

Lulu Fast Track

I like the length of these shorts. They also have gel pockets, and a zipper pocket in the left leg. No back pocket though. Can’t store as much in them as the Dart and Dash short… I hope they bring those shorts back soon!

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