The Rules of Running


Running is a sport. And like all sports, running has rules. And like many athletes, I do find myself guilty of breaking those rules from time to time. Particularly the golden rule of running, don’t try anything new on race day. I have actually tried many new things on race day: New shorts, new gels, new hat, all with success. But I would draw the line at trying new shoes on race day. (Kellie Smith I’m looking at you… Guilty!)

Here are some of the rules of running:

1. Don’t try anything new on race day.

2. Don’t make running your life, make it part of your life.

3. Don’t be a whiner. Nobody likes a whiner, not even other whiners.

4. Don’t compare yourself to other runners.

5. When standing on the starting line, remind yourself how fortunate you are to be there.

6. The faster you are, the less you should talk about your times.

7. Don’t always run alone.

8. Don’t always run with people.

9. The best runs sometimes come on the days you didn’t feel like running.

10. Hills are speedwork in disguise

11. All runners are equal. Some are just faster than others.

12. There are no short cuts to run excellence.

13. What works for other runners may not necessarily work for you.

14. Look at hills as opportunities to pass people.

15. Don’t try to outrun dogs.

16. Without goals, training has no purpose.

17. Everybody starts somewhere.

18. Unless you make your living as a runner, don’t take running too seriously.

19. Runners who never fail are runners who never tried anything great.

20. Running is simple. Don’t make it complicated.

12 thoughts on “The Rules of Running

  1. Just what I needed to read before GC – I think everyone needs to remind themselves of these rules – thanks Kirby!

    1. Darls, I bet you pass a lot of people on the hills! You are like a mountain goat, so strong on the uphill. They are not my forte, but after 6 foot track, they don’t bother me as much as they used to!

    1. Thankyou, good luck in your half. As a non-mum, I’m always inspired by the mums I run with, from what I see, it’s a battle just to find the training time!

      1. Thank you, time is definitely my biggest challenge. I’m super nervous about the half just hope I can finish

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