Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Weight: 190g (Women’s) 230g (Men’s)

Heel-toe offset: 10mm

Class: Performance Neutral

Cost: RRP AU$179.95

I have been on the lookout for a new shoe for awhile now. Something with enough cushioning for me to do my long runs in, but lightweight enough that it still felt fast. Something that I could run a marathon in: Enter the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

The upper of the shoe is made of a virtually seamless mesh material, which offers breathability and flexibility in the forefoot. The midsole features Mizuno’s signature parallell wave plate.  This time, it has been encased in a new midsole material called U4ic (pronounced euphoric) which is 30% lighter than Mizuno’s previous midsole compound, but still offers the same cushioning. Win-Win!!

The shoe is billed as performance-neutral, with as-needed support. Translasion: The heel wedge has been extended on the medial side of the shoe, making it suitable for mild overpronators. When I try on the shoe, I can definetly feel the extended heel wedge pushing my feet out, but not quite to the extent that I feel it when I try on other shoes with a lot of support, such as the Asics gel Kayano. ( The Kayano is very wrong for me-if it works for you, then you are more than a mild overpronator, and the Sayonara might not be the shoe for you.) I don’t really notice it as much when running in the shoe. I put this down to the fact that I am not a heel-striker. They feel light and flexible, while still offering enough support for long runs.

When I first went into the store to try this shoe on, I asked to try it on in the size 8. The sales man looked down at my feet, and said ‘you don’t look like a size 8, let me measure you.’ I was wearing my GORuns at the time, which, due to the shape, do make my feet look small. I said, ‘I’m actually a size 7 and a half, but I like to half-size up for all of my running shoes. ‘ He measured my feet, and sure enough, they were a 7 and a half. Then he bought out the shoes for me to try on. As I put them on, I thought ‘damn, they feel tight. He has bought me out the 7 1/2’s, not the 8’s. But sure enough, when I checked the sizing, they actually were the 8’s. I tried them on again in the next half-size up, and they felt much better. Room in the toe, and still firm around the heels and upper. Moral of the story: Consider  going a half-size up. Or, if you normally half-size up, think about going a full size up.


This shoe is not a minimalist shoe. It is a lightweight taining shoe, that starts to blur the lines between training shoes and racing shoes. However, it is not a racing flat either: the heel-toe drop is still 10mm, but I think this shoe is light enough for a 5k (only 40g heavier than my current racing flats) but cushiony enough for a marathon.  Did I mention they came in pink? Not that it matters, but…. Oh who am I kidding? It totally matters. I love a good looking shoe, and the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara certainly ticks that box.

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