Shoe Review: Asics Gel-DS Sky Speed

Weight: 230g (Womens) 285g (Mens)

Heel-toe offset: 5.8mm (heel 29.3mm, forefoot 23.5mm)

Class: Performance neutral

Cost: AU $200

The Sky Speed is part of the Asics ’33 series’ of shoes, named after the 33 joints in the foot. It is what Asics calls ‘natural running technology’, but rest assured, it is far from being minimalist.

I decided to give these shoes a go, because I had done some research, and they sounded like they suited runners who also suited the Asics Gel Nimbus (which I have worn for the last few years) but they were a bit lighter and lower profile. I got them from the Asics store in Sydney.


They felt great, even from the first run. After only a handfun of runs in these shoes (including a training run over 30km) and no issues with the shoes, I decided to wear them in the Mudgee marathon last weekend. No problems. They felt great. They are suitable for neutral runners, and are a cushioned shoe. I found them to be relatively lightweight (for their category) and yet still suitable for high mileage and long trainng runs. This makes them versatile, because they still felt fast enough to wear in a race (half marathon or marathon would be my choice) – elite runners would probably find it too heavy for these distances. Heel strikers might also find this shoe does not have enough cushioning. There seems to be ample rubber on the outside of the shoe, so I think that they will be durable enough for the mileage that I do.

Getting my new shoes dirty in Mudgee!
Getting my new shoes dirty in Mudgee!

The one downside is that the colour combination does clash with everything in my running wardrobe (I love the colours, I just currently have a lot of pink) So I have been on the lookout for a yellow top for the last few weeks!


These are my new favourite shoes for training and racing distances half marathon and up. A lighter, lower profile shoe than the Asics Gel-Nimbus 15, and an altenative for efficient, neutral runners.

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