Boston, I’m Coming!

Today I recieved email confirmation that my entry to the 2014 Boston marathon Had been accepted. It has been a long, anxious wait since I ran my qualifying time back in April. Was there ever any doubt? Well yes, I was a bit worried when I heard they would be changing the entry process for 2014 due to expected unprecedented demand on the race, after the tragic bombing earlier this year.

A wave of relief washed over me when I read that my entry had been accepted. Now I can start planning the rest of my year, as a lot of the things I have been contemplating were dependent on whether I got into Boston or not.

Can anyone reccommend anywhere to stay or other things to do while I’m there?


6 thoughts on “Boston, I’m Coming!

    1. The time I was chasing was 3:35. I did 3:35:27 in Sydney last September and just missed out, otherwise I would have been there this year. (Perhaps grateful that it was not meant to be). In April this year in Canberra I did 3:28:02 and it has been a long and anxious wait sonce then until entries opened last week to see if I would get accepted!

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