Event Marketing at its Finest

Blackmores has been the naming rights sponsor for the Sydney Marathon and running festival for 10 years now. In my opinion, it is a good fit: Company that makes health products, vitamins and dietary supplements team up with big-city running festival. The two seem to go hand in hand. As event sponsors, I think Blackmores do a great job. Here’s why:

Runners don’t ask runners ‘Hey, are you running the Sydney marathon?’  They ask, ‘Are you running Blackmores?’

Do you know who sponsors the Melbourne marathon? Perth Marathon? Canberra Marathon?

The Blackmores Sydney running festival is filled with participants wearing the free race singlet, splashed with the Blackmores logo, more than any other event I have participated in. This is a good move on the part of Blackmores, in sending out these singlets to participants who register early enough. I saw plenty of them on course yesterday. They were splashed with slogans such as ‘Stronger with every step’ and ‘Loving every minute’. They were permanently in my sight. All day long.

The finisher t-shirts are actually nice, you might actually wear it again (unlike the countless shirts I have jammed into overflowing drawers at home). They also give out other free merchandise, such as visors. Here is a photo of me wearing a visor that I picked up last year…. At a different running event.


But the final reason I think the Blackmores/Sydney marathon partnership is event marketing at its finest is this: I have been quite stressed out in the past week, in the lead-up to the Sydney marathon. possibly a combination of taper-induced madness, and the excitement of the event. (For more information, read my previous blog post)  So stressed, in fact, that during the week, I found myself here:


That’s right, in the Blackmores aisle of my local pharmacy. Trying to buy myself a little stress relief. As I stood there, staring at the shelves, the rows of little vitamin bottles, and the Blackmores logo plastered all over them, I realized the irony of the situation. the event that they sponsor caused me so much stress, I was driven to buy the product. Well played, Blackmores, well played.

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