Look Good, Run Faster

Does the way you look affect performance? I have had this discussion with a few of my running friends over the last couple of weeks. My answer?: DEFINETLY!

My sport is running. The longer the better. I don’t think I particularly have any actual running talent at all. But I am willing to put in the work, and I push on past the point where many people would give up. So for me, it is a mental game. I run better when I feel better. I feel better when I look better. Therefore, I perform better when I look better.

Pip and I talk about this nearly every week on our runs, when we talk about the latest gear that has come out week at Lululemon, or when we plan our race outfits for event that are still months away. Shoes are chosen to co- ordinate with tops, and shoelaces are swapped to match our outfits better.

Matching outfits at the Fernleigh 15.
Matching outfits at the Fernleigh 15.

Buying a new pair of shoes will not make you a better runner. But running in them will. So if you are thinking about buying that cute new pair of running shoes in that cool bright colour, there is a good chance they will make you a faster runner, if that’s what it takes to get you excited about getting up in the morning, putting your shoes on, and going for a run. If they will motivate you to get out there and get your training done, then yes, those shoes might make you a better runner.

I have an entire set of drawers dedicated to running attire. Drawers are stuffed with the latest offerings from lululemon. i get excited to put my running outfits together, co-ordinating headbands to shoelaces, the way that many girls get excited to put a nice outfit together and go out or the night. Having a nice selection of running gear makes me excited to get up at 5am and put my running gear on. It motivates me to get my training done. therefore, it makes me a better runner.

Shopping Spree at L Lululemon
Shopping Spree at L

Before a race, I will spend a significant amount of time painting my nails, pinning my race number to my shirt so that it is dead straight, or doing my hair. These little tasks have become part of my routine, or my pre-race rituals. They help me remain calm, in control, and feel prepared when I get to the start line. This helps with my focus, which in turn helps with my performance. So yes, having nicely painted nails does make me perform better.


A couple of years ago, I made a promise to myself, that when it came to health and fitness, money should be no object.

It’s kind of like a Mastercard ad…

Gym Membership: $1000

Running Shoes: $220

Physio Appointment : $78

Being fit and healthy : Priceless.

So if money (within my means) is no limit, international marathon and new bike here I come! If that’s what it takes to keep me excited and motivated to train every day, then that is what I will do!

Never underestimate how important a role looking good plays in performance. The body follows the mind, and in turn, performance follows the body. Look better, perform better. End of Story.


3 thoughts on “Look Good, Run Faster

  1. Hallelujah…. Think I’ll go online and buy some new shoes NOW!
    After I put my 8 workout outfits away for the week…

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