An Accidental Half Marathon

I was in Armidale again this week for work. I often find it hard to get motivated to run here, because I don’t have anybody to run with. And I dont know many good runs.

On Thursday afternoon after work, I set out for a 15-20 km solo run. I didn’t feel very good after 5 or 6 km, possibly due to all the halloween candy I ate at lunchtime. By 8 km, I had awful stomach cramps and actually thought I was going to be sick on the side of the road, so I called it quits and walked the 2km back to my hotel, 10km complete.

I wasn’t planning on running on Friday at all, but because my Thursday afternoon run was cut short, I set the alarm for 5am and went to bed. I snoozed until 6am. It is so hard to get motivated when there is no one to meet for a run! It was 6:30am when I set out. I planned on going for maybe 5km, 10km max. I had not had any breakfast because I didn’t plan on going too far. Just a little bit of caffeine to get me going.

It was a perfect morning for running. All the Armidale deros who usually heckle me from their cars as they drive by were all still sleeping. The temperature was ideal.

I found an old jogging track around the university. They sure do make them high tech in Armidale…


I was feeling good and I was enjoying the scenery.



And then I realized, I was 11km from my hotel! I was enjoying the run so much, I had not realized how far I had gone. This is why you should always carry a gel with you (of course, I did not have a gel with me! )

I had to make a stop in the gym at the university to use the bubbler, as I didn’t bring water with me either. i hadn’t planned on going that far. I headed for home, and it was about 8.30 by the time I made it back to my hotel, with 22km under my belt for the morning. It didn’t leave me much time to get ready for work, but it was worth it!



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