Triathlon Barbie?

10 marathons complete this year. What now? Im no longer satisfied to go for a 4 hour run. I want to go longer. I want to go further. If running is my therapy, I need longer therapy sessions. I need a new hobby to distract myself from my train-wreck of a life that has not turned out the way 14 year old me wrote about in her “dear diaries…”

I’m in a serious, long term, committed relationship with my sport, to the exclusion of all others. (Well, those who don’t mind being second to sport and woken between 4-5am every day are welcome to apply….. Ok yeah, that still pretty much excludes all others).

What am I thinking? There is more to triathlon than running. I’m told triathlon is made up of at least 7 legs (swim, bike, run, t1, t2, race nutrition, afterparty…)

Well, I think I have the run under control. Maybe the nutrition.

I have not been for a swim  (as in, swim laps) since school. At least my old swimmers still fit. And as for the last time I rode a bike….


…Well lets just say that I may or may not have cried that day, because I was so scared.

Am I crazy? I don’t doubt it. But I am told that it is equally as rewarding as it is expensive, And the people you will meet will make it all worth it. Well I believe that, as I have already met some great people, and I have not even started yet. If tri could introduce me to even a fraction of the awesome people I have met in what I call the runiverse, or the runners world, it will all be worth it. I am ready for the money pit that is triathlon.


First things first, I need a bike. as I am toying with the idea of doing a half ironman in 7 weeks time, I had better decide soon. I have been told that I am not allowed to buy a bike just because it’s pink. This is a fair call. When It comes to my ability to make triathlon-related decisions, apparently I am a little bit handicapped. Ok, I have not got a clue.

I really want the pink one!
I really want the pink one!

I have looked in a few bike shops this week, and I think I’m ready to make a purchase! (Assisted of course, so thankyou for all of the help and advice from my friends who know who they are!)


I’m going for it. It may be a disaster, but I’m prepared for that, and I’m going to jump straight in the deep end. Sink or swim. I mean, sink or swim, bike, run!

6 thoughts on “Triathlon Barbie?

  1. Go for it Kirby, you’ll love it, make sure you get your bike fitted properly, it makes a huge difference for comfort and speed.

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