Drink Station Etiquette

If you run with me, or talk about running with me, you should be aware that our conversations may end up as Blog Posts. This post goes out to Kellie. Pick up your cups, Kellie!


How to use water stations… My top 7 tips.
1. Decide BEFORE you get to the station if you want a drink or not. If not, move to the other side to give other runners plenty of room. If you want a drink, choose your line and sick to it!
2. Dont stop at the table, unless you are walking in. If you run in, dont come to a complete halt at the table and block others from getting to the table. Chances are, there will be somebody behind you, who does not want to stop. If you are walking in to the table, it at least gives the people behind you the opportunity to run around you.
3. Dont cut across in front of other runners- if you decide at the last minute you want water, wait until there is an opening and move across
4. Dont just drop your cup when you are finished with it – especially if there is still water in it. And especially if there are other runners around you. In my opinion, it is perfectly accepable to throw your cup on the ground, but it is polite to make an effort to throw it to the side. Look where you are throwing your cup! Aim for the garbage bins if possible, but there is no need to feel bad if you miss.
5. It is also OK to yell out (politely) what you want as you approach the table. For example, “water!” , or “gatorade!” Somebody will usually respond, and extend a cup for you.
6. If you want to fill bottles, it is usally best to move to the end of the last table, so you don’t block the way for other runners. As many cups will only be half-filled, it will often be quickest to ask one if the volunteers to fill your bottle from their jug or bucket.
7. Smile and say thankyou! Remember, these people are volunteers. It is aso worth considering being a volunteer at a future event. It will give you a whole new appreciation for what goes on, and be be good karma for all of the cups you have dropped in the past!
Kellie, is there anything else you wanted to add?

4 thoughts on “Drink Station Etiquette

  1. Sounds like the days of being a volunteer at Forster Ironman (Full and Half) have laid a solid foundation. All true and acceptable.

    The volunteers like you to let them know if you have a preferred drink and no, they don’t mind picking up the cups. It’s all part of the price of the ticket to get a front row seat at a great interactive spectacle.

    1. As kids, we used to LOVE picking up all the cups. We would stack them all up and see who could make the biggest cup-snake, before it all fell apart. And if one of the elite athletes took the cup you were holding out… Bragging rights!!

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