The Top 10 Running Tricks of the Trade

This is a list of the advice that I wish people had given me when I started running…

1. Put balled up newspaper in your wet shoes. 

If you go for a run in the rain, or your shoes end up wet, then loosely scrunch up some newspaper, and put it in your shoes. It will help draw out the moisture, and stop your shoes from smelling so bad. Replace the paper a couple of times daily (the wetter they are, the more often you should replace it) until your shoes are dry.

2. Avoid birds nest hair.

While we are on the topic of running in the rain, does anybody elses hair end up looking like a birds nest after a run? Mine sure does. Once I spent over an hour in the shower with an entire bottle of conditioner trying to get all the knots out.  If its raining, wet your hair first, try running a little conditioner through it, and plait it. This should do the job. Some of the girls I run with say that just plaiting their hair works for them. But my hair is so fine, if I just plait it without wetting it first, it ends up as a plaited birdsnest, which is even harder to remove. Experiment with these ideas and find what works for you.

3. Keep a hair elastic tied to your shoelace. 

I often run straight after work, and packing a hair elastic is something I always forget to do. By keeping a spare one tied to my shoelace, I always have one handy. Bonus points if you co-ordinate it to your shoes. Extra bononus points if your top matches too.


4. Don’t forget the paper towel

A lot of people I know carry tissues with them when they run. Especially on long runs, up Fernleigh track, where facilities are few and far between. Paper towel works even better. It is less likely to disintegrate when you sweat on it. And if you forget to take it out of your pocket before washing your clothes, it is not quite as bad as washing the tissues.

5. Buy your shoes online.

Having said this, I personally don’t usually heed this advice myself, but many runners I know do. Some shoes are a lot cheaper online. A popular site that I have used before is Wiggle. And if you know of any sites that ship Asics shoes to Australia, please let me know!

6. Charge your Garmin after every run. 

Nobody likes a low battery. The day you forget to charge will be the day you feel so good, you want to just keep running. 30km run?? Garmin data…. Or it didn’t happen.

7. Wear a visor rain, trail or shine!

On a sunny day, the benefits of wearing a sun visor are obvious. But on a rainy day, it is also great for stopping the rain from getting in to your eyes, and helps prevent the previously mentioned birds nest hair. When running trails, the peak of the visor can also protect your eyes from low-hanging branches and leaves.


8. Don’t forget the anti-chafe. 

They say you will only forget once. In a pinch, I have used a chap stick, and it has done the job. In fact, always carry a chap stick!

9. Don’t throw away your old jumpers or tights. 

Old jumpers are great to wear to the start line of races, and then discard them. Usually, clothes left at the start line of an event are collected and donated to charity anyway.

Old or cheap tights/kids tights have many uses… Just add scissors. Cut off the legs, give them some thumb holes… Instant arm warmers! A 20cm section of tights leg also has a lot of uses… Sweat band, gel holder, or headband. Get creative!

10. Secure your keys! 

Nobody wants to lose their keys on a run. Hayley suggests tying your key to a shoelace. This works great for a house key. I usually drive to the beach and run from there. My car key is too bulky for this, so I attach it to a hair elastic and loop it onto my bra strap.


Do you have any great running tips? 

5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Running Tricks of the Trade

  1. I totally share your frustration about online stores not shipping to Australia! Try a website called – I have used them to buy a few things (Asics included) and have had no problems. And no, I am not a scammer/spammer, just someone a bit too obsessed with online shopping!

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