I Got A Bike!

I am now thousands of dollars poorer than I was yesterday. But, I got my bike!

It has been a long and drawn out process. When I decided to get a bike over a month ago, I had no idea what was involved, or how much to spend, or that a tri bike was different to a road bike. I asked all my riding friends for reccomendations on bike shops, and who to see there, and then proceeded to visit them all. In the end, I chose a Specialized Alias from Velofix at Rozelle in Sydney.

My new bike!
My new bike!

After more reccommendations from friends, I decided to book in for the body geometry fit with Anthony when picking up my bike. Wow, was it comprehensive! It went for over 3 hours! Worth every cent.

Body Geometry Fit - worth it!
Body Geometry Fit – worth it!

It began with a pre-fit interview. Then, we measured my sit bones, with the aid of a memory foam pad. After this we assessed my flexibility and strength.

I felt a little overwhelmed when choosing pedals. (Who knew that bikes don’t even come with pedals – like they are some kind of optional extra or something!) Some of the pedals cost up to $400 (They have carbon blades – at least they sound cool!) I went with the mid range pedals.

Then it was time to jump on the bike! First up was the side view analysis. We adjusted my seat height 3 or 4 times, to get the knee angles right. There was a discrepancy of about 2 degrees on one side (one tibia is longer than the other by a couple of mm) so we put something in my shoe to account for this. We also switched pedals (to the cheapest ones) because they suited me better and I could clip out of them a lot easier. We also fitted aero bars to my bike to make it tri-ready!

When we were doing the front view analysis, my knees were moving around too much, so we added some insoles into my cycling shoes because my arches are high, and then changed the cleats we had chose, to reduce the float, which stopped my knees moving around. (A week ago I didn’t even know what cleats were…)

After that came the fun part of choosing the accessories for my bike! i got drink bottles and holders, and a ‘lunchbox’ for my bike, to store race nutrition, GU’s, etc. I also got some spare tubes, tools, a pump, CO2 canisters, and a bag to store it all in, and some cycling shoes.

View from my cockpit... Note the 'Lunchbox' for my GU's!
View from my cockpit… Note the ‘Lunchbox’ for my GU’s!

I said “Don’t even tell me how much it all adds up to” as I closed my eyes and handed over the credit card. I’m sure it will all be worth it.

I’ll be back in 2 weeks for my follow up appointment. Now, I just want it to stop raining so I can take my new bike out for a ride!

I highly reccommend Anthony and the team at Velofix Rozelle, find them here:


Even if you already have a bike, go there and get the body geometry fit done. Worth it!

2 thoughts on “I Got A Bike!

  1. Fantastic, so glad you got the whole fit thing done. In a way you won’t know how much it was worth because you won’t go through the pain that a badly fitted bike can put you through. I hope it clears up this weekend for you. Happy riding.

    1. Thats true, I don’t have a poorly fitted bike to compare to…. But during the fitting I was just thinking, Wow! What kind of discomfort would I be in If I had not deided to do the extended fitting?!

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