A Christmas Beer Mile

Ok, I’ll be honest. i didn’t know exactly what a beer mile was until 2 days ago. I knew it involved running, and beer, But that’s all I knew. On Monday, I was invited to witness my first beer mile. i thought it might be a good idea to find out what a beer mile actually was.

For those playing at home, who don’t know what a beer mile is, let me enlighten you: A beer mile is a race. it involves running and drinking. Typically, it takes place on a 400m running track.

The Rules…

1. Each competitor drinks 4 beers and runs 4 laps of the track.

2. Beer must be consumed before the start of the lap, within the transition zone (10m zone before the start line on the track.)

3. Beers should not be less than 355mL in size.

4. No specialised cans or bottles may be used to give a faster rate of beer pour (eg. Mega mouth cans or wide neck bottles)

5. Beer cans or bottles may not be tampered with in any way to allow faster drinking, i.e. no shotgunning, puncturing, or drinking straws

6. Beer must be a minimum 5% alcohol by volume, hard ciders etc will not suffice.

7. Each beer may not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone of each lap.

8. Competitors who vomit before the end of the race must complete a penalty lap immediately upon completion of their final lap. Only one penalty lap is required (and no additional beers), regardless of the number of vomits.

The earliest documented beer miles were held in the 1980’s in Florida, USA and Ontario, Canada. The world record is held by Australian Josh Harris, who completed a Beer mile in 5:04:9 at the Autumn Track Classic at Rawlinson Track, Melbourne, in 2013, drinking Coopers 62 pilsener. Rumour has it that he was on track to complete a sub-5 minute beer mile, until he stumbled at the last hurdle with a stubborn bottlecap on his final beer.

On Monday night at the old blue track in Newcastle, we were not too far off the money, with Dave Bradney completing an impressive beer mile in 5:42. This result would place him inside the top 25 recorded official beer mile performances of all time, according to the authority, beermile.com. He was well ahead of all other competitors, including the last-placed competitor, Guy Walters, who completed the challenge in 15:02.

Photos from Monday night…

image image imageimage imageimage imageimage












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