New Running Store for Newcastle

Newcastle runners rejoice! A new, specialist running store has just opened in our region…


On my way home from my long run on Sunday, I decided to drop into Pure Performance, Newcastle’s new running store, located at 185 Darby Street.

This was a mistake for 2 reasons… #1) There was not anything that I actually needed, and #2) I was kind-of in a hurry, but ended up getting TRAPPED in the store for over an hour, trying on shoes I don’t need (the new Saucony A6’s look and feel amazing!), and discussing marathons in far away places with the knowledgable and passionate sales guys.

Pure Performance has a treadmill in store, so you can take your new shoes for a test-run before making any important decisions. They also offer a video gait analysis.

Check them out at, or better yet, drop in to the store and say hello. They carry a great range of shoes, including kids shoes, racing flats, trail shoes, and some nice looking running apparel too!



Apologies to the window washers!
Apologies to the window washers!

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