Running Resolutions

2014 has been and gone…

I set some pretty big goals at the start of last year, and managed to tick most of them off.

Run the Boston marathon, marathon PB, 5k PB, finish a 100k race and win a race. The one goal that I didn’t kick was the goal to run 4000km in the year. I fell only 82km short, with 3918k’s in 2014.

So, for 2015, my goal is to run 4000km in the year. Another 5k and marathon PB would be nice too.

I loved reading some of the resolutions posted by my fellow Newcastle runners… Some are below:

  • 100 runs in the year
  • Sub 1:50 half and not to cry in a full marathon
  • Consistency
  • Get over my injury and run again
  • Crack 30 minutes at parkrun
  • 1000 kilometres (aka 1 million metres)
  • Run more trails
  • Run my first half marathon

Goals can be big or small, but it’s important to set them, because then you can start making plans on how to get there.

Good luck to everyone in kicking their running goals in 2015!


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