Elsa wears a Garmin: The Disney World 10k

This ‘4 races in 4 days’ thing is going to kill me… It’s nothing to do with the distance, it’s getting up at 3-something am 4 days in a row… Today was the 10k. It started at 5.30am. Pip and I were up late last night making last-minute Elsa costumes to wear today. image By the time we arrived at Epcot, we could already see runners lining up in the corrals. It was about 6 degrees, and much less windy than yesterday. We dropped our bags in bag check, and went to line up. Again, we were in the A corral. As soon as we got in, our corral was allowed to enter the starting chute.

Elsa Costume

The American national anthem played. Then, as firecrackers were let into the sky, runners were unleashed onto the course.

The start line.
The start line.

Pip and I were here to have fun today. The whole vibe of this running event so far has just been to have fun. It does not feel like a race at all. There were not even any prizes given out for the 5 or 10k events, it’s all about enjoying the run and having a good time. This is only the second year that the 10k has been part of the running festival. At the start of the race, we ran under a bridge. Atop the bridge sat the real Elsa and Anna, shouting encouragement to the runners below and blowing bubbles that fell like snow. At the end of the first kilometre, our garmins beeped in unison, signifying 1/10 of the race was complete. They were the only ones. 600m later, watches all around us started beeping, as we realised that the Americans would have their watches set up to log miles, not kilometres. A few kilometres later, we passed Lilo and Stitch, and a long line of runners who had stopped to have their photo taken mid-race with them. Genie (from Aladdin) and Mickey Mouse were also on course today. Not that run times feel very relevant here at all in Disneyland, but Pip and I ran the 10k in around 51 minutes.

The finish line
The finish line

At the finish line, we saw American Olympian Jeffrey Galloway, and stopped for a photo.

Kirby, Jeff Galloway and Pip.
Kirby, Jeff Galloway and Pip.

The sun was still yet to rise, so we jumped on the bus and headed back to the hotel. Once there, I jumped back into bed, where I plan to stay all day in preparation for tomorrow’s half marathon.

Not moving!
Not moving!


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