Celebrating 100 Parkruns

Just over 2 years ago, I discovered parkrun for the first time. I quickly became addicted, attending nearly every Saturday morning since, rain, hail or shine.

I liked parkrun so much that I moved in with Rich, who lived in Carrington (the location of Newy parkrun) and then in December last year, we moved even closer to parkrun, now residing only a few hundred metres from the start line. I can roll out of bed on a Saturday morning only minutes from the start, and still make it in time.

I do most of my parkrunning at Newy, but have also visited Blackbutt, Lake Mac, Maitland, Stockton and Varsity Lakes. There have been many highlights: PB’s, parkrun’s first birthday and the parkrun New Years triple crown to name a few. And of course, my 100th parkrun.

Adusting Tequilas outfit.
Adusting Tequilas outfit.

My 100th parkrun coincided with my birthday on the weekend. I thought it would be appropriate to bring along a Barbie cake, and wear a Barbie Singlet, Richard thought the same.



I ran with Richard and Helen, and got a time of 22:50. Richard usually works Saturday mornings, so he doesn’t get the chance to come along to parkrun too often. As he ran with me, he was surprised at how many people said hello to me along the way. Of course we all knothew each other. We have been spending nearly every Saturday morning together for the last 2 years!

Running with Helen
Running with Helen

The community atmosphere is part of why I love parkrun so much, and what keeps me coming back week after week.

After the run, I handed out cake to everyone in celebration.

Barbie cake!
Barbie cake!

Looking forward to the next hundred!


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