Fernleigh Track Storm Damage

Rich and I went for a run up Fernleigh Track this morning… I would recommend people gave it a wide berth for at least a couple of days.

I wore my trail shoes, which was quite appropriate, as there was a lot of debris all over the track.

There were a number of large and small trees down all over the track. We only went about 8km down the track (starting at the Adamstown end), so I am not sure what lies beyond that. The largest trees seemed to be down between the 4km and 6km mark. In some places they almost completely blocked the path. At times we had to go off track and go completely around the trees in order o get through safely. In a number of places the fallen trees had also taken out sections of the fence.

Anybody who heads out should exercise extreme caution around the trees in case they move. With the amount of water softening the ground from all the rain we had, it could still be dangerous for some time yet. I would wait until it has been cleaned up properly and all the fallen trees removed before heading out there again.

Photos below…









7 thoughts on “Fernleigh Track Storm Damage

  1. Wow! Thanks for this information. I’ve shared it on the Newcastle Cycleways Movement Facebook page. Can you let us know if you go out again and see any changes please?

  2. Ment to be doing the fundraiser on the 3rd May from the Belmont end. Wondering if it will still happen?

    1. I haven’t heard anything about it being still on or not, but will post if I hear. last time I checked, I heard that the clearing of the fallen trees had begun. The track is still officially closed, however people are still accessing it.

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