Bridging the Gap between the Half Marathon and the Marathon

Marathon Barbie

OK, so you’ve done a half marathon, maybe a few, and you’re wondering, “How will I know when I’m ready for the whole hog?’

The truth is, you might never be. There is no rule out there that says, “All runners must aspire to run a marathon one day”. And that’s totally OK. I know quite a few runners, who I would consider to be much better runners than me, who have never run a marathon. Running one will not make you a ‘better’ runner than someone who hasn’t gone that distance. They are completely different games. Comparing a long distance runner to a sprinter or short distance runner is like comparing oranges and apples. (Ok, I totally prefer oranges, but that’s just my personal preference).

Obviously, I am a fan of the marathon distance. If you have read ‘Born to Run’, you may even believe that as Human Beings…

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