8 Ways to Get Motivated in Winter

Marathon Barbie

Do you think I wanted to get up at 5am this morning and go running laps of Bar Beach carpark (uphill) in the rain? NO! But did I do it? YES!


Because I paid money to do it. Ok, as I write this, I realize that sounds crazy. Not only did I wake up in the dark and go and run hills in the rain in the middle of winter, but I paid money to do it. I have just signed up for Term 3 of Runlab, so if I stayed in bed and missed the session, I was effectively throwing $20 out the window. (I actually laid in bed and pictured myself throwing money away, which was enough to get me up.)

Runlab Term 3 Session 1... Kenyan Hills. Runlab Term 3 Session 1… Kenyan Hills.

1. Sign up to something.

My recent study of one person (myself) proved unequivocally that you are less likely to…

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